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Below is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring food, drinks, and alcohol?
    Yes you are welcome bring your own food & beverages, including alcohol, on the boat. We kindly ask that you do not bring any red dyed drinks on the boat (Gatorades, wine, etc).
  • Are life vests provided?
    Yes, we do provide life vests for anyone over the age of 13. We DO NOT provide life vests for children who are 12 years and younger. if you need to purchase one, we recommend Academy or Bass Pro for a variety of children life vests to select from.
  • Is fuel included in my rental rate?
    No, fuel is not included in your rental rate, and we assess fuel costs at the end of every trip. Each renter varies in the amount of fuel they use, thus we do feel it is fair to build this into our pricing and asses each induvial trip separately. Fuel costs $5.95/gallon at the marina.
  • What is the capacity of my boat?
    Please refer to your boat's "Details" page where you can find your boats capacity in weight and persons. It is very important to not exceed either the weight capacity or the person's limit.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept venmo, zelle, check, and cash.
  • Where do we meet at?
    We will meet at the Harbor Bay Marina behind Snuffers in Rockwall TX. Park towards the end of the parking lot, walk through the shops, and we will be waiting for you at the gas docks.
  • Do my children count as a person for capacity?
    Yes, each person on the boat including infants are considered a single person against the boat's capacity.
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